Teaching Physics –An art or Intelligence

Teaching Physics was always a passion to me. I began my career as a physics teacher after my postgraduation in 1999 and taught the subject according to the syllabus. with time, I got interested in to biology and got my doctoral degree awarded in bioinformatics in 2010. From 2002 -2010, I got completely transformed in to a bioinformatician and was teaching only subjects related to biology and IT.

In 2014, the doors for a bioinformatics career shut down for me and the company that I was working in got closed and hence, I had to look for an another job. At this stage, my transition to physics from bioinformatics took place, since I could’nt get any other job immediately.

At the beginning of my teaching career [1999-2002], my focus on teaching physics was only on completing the syllabus and deriving the equations, but today, my understanding of physics is totally different. I see physics in every part of life. I try to derive an equation for every physical situation that I encounter.  After a long time [10yrs], I have started to ask questions, reason every fact, and now looking forward to design a strategy towards splitting a complex problem in to smaller   problems, so that students can find it easy to solve. A similar strategy is already adopted by a professor, who has published an app for android phones [I do Physics].

So, I feel that teaching physics should always be done in an artistic manner depicting examples from what we see in nature and not from the technical point of view, just deriving equations and explaining the concepts.